Innovation Day

Parade Float

Problem: Can I build a parade float that can travel 50 cm and hold 100g?

Hypothesis: I think I can make a parade float that can hold 100g and travel at least 100cm.


Materials: cardboard

                 plastic golf balls

                 bamboo skewers


                 hot glue



First I took four ping-pong balls, four bamboo skewers and eight elastic bands.I put the balls on the bamboo skewers and tied( sort of  ) the elastic bands on the bamboo skewers. Second I found a large piece of cardboard and hot glued the bamboo skewers on the cardboard. Third I found four large pieces of cardboard and hot glued them onto the first piece of cardboard to make a wall. Then I collected cardboard strips and made two triangles.I made the triangles into a Magen David.✡️Then I hot glued the Magen David in the parade float. After I made more designs like flags of Israel on the sides. 

I then tested my parade float by putting a 100g weight on it. I then put in on a ramp to see how far it would travel.


Results: My parade float went one-hundred and ten cm.


One thought on “Innovation Day

  1. So very cool! I love all the math in this project! Did you play around with the height of the ramp at all to see if that made it go further or shorter? Looking forward to some more exciting challenges from you!

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