Wolves live and hunt in packs. Grey  wolf  is another name for a wolf. A wolf’s scientific name is Canis pack of wolves on forest snow

An arctic wolf is another type of wolf. The arctic wolf’s scientific name is Canis lupus arctos.


Brown bears


A brown bears scientific name is Ursus arctos. Grizzly bears and brown bears are the same species.

brown bear photograph

Brown bears are omnivores. Brown bears have strong and long claws. Adult brown bears weigh about 80 – 600 kg.




Rats are rodents. Black rats and brown rats are the best known species of rats.grey rat

In the wild, rats eat fruit,plants and seeds. Rats are more likely to be vegetarians. Cats eat rats.



The coyotes scientific name is Canis latrans. The average coyote male weighs about  8 to 20 kg.The average female coyote weighs about  7 to 18 kg.coyote walking on desert during daytime

The coyote has larger ears than the gray wolf. Coyotes are mammals.


Eastern bluebird


Sialia sialis is the eastern bluebirds scientific name. The male eastern bluebird has a bright wings,back and and brown bird on tree branch


The female eastern blue bird lays 3-7 eggs. The eastern blue bird lives for about 6-10 years.Eastern bluebird babies leave their nest 15 – 20 days after hatching.


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