Dove   There are many types of doves.A dove’s scientific name is Columbidae.One type of dove is a mourning dove.The mourning dove weighs about 112-170g. Doves normally lay 2 eggs. Sometimes doves lay 1 or more eggs.   Raven   A raven’s scientific name is Corvus corax. A adult raven weighs about 0.69 – 2kg.… Read more Birds


Nether update   The nether update adds basalt deltas,crimson forests,warped forests ,soul sand valleys and bastion remnants.Ruined portals were also added in the nether update.Ancient debris is a new ore added in 1.16(nether update). Ancient debris can be used to craft netherite tools.Hoglins,zoglins,piglins,piglin brute and striders are new mobs added in Minecraft netMinecraft nether  update… Read more Minecraft

About Me

My favourite colours are purple and blue.I love to cook,read,colour and swim in pools.I also like too play at the park.My favourite outdoor sport is basketball.My favourite animals are cats (and big cats). My favourite foods are soup and sushi. My favourite desserts are ice cream and cupcakes. My favourite drinks are lemonade and hot… Read more About Me