January 2021


Trees   Trees are everywhere.You can climb trees and build treehouses.Trees give us clean oxygen.   In the fall most trees are red,yellow and orange.In the winter almost all the trees don’t have leafs.   Grass   Grass is everywhere.Grass can be different shades of green.Grass that died  is normally light brownish Beige. Have you… Read more Nature


Nether update   The nether update adds basalt deltas,crimson forests,warped forests ,soul sand valleys and bastion remnants.Ruined portals were also added in the nether update.Ancient debris is a new ore added in 1.16(nether update). Ancient debris can be used to craft netherite tools.Hoglins,zoglins,piglins,piglin brute and striders are new mobs added in Minecraft netMinecraft nether  update… Read more Minecraft