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Endangered Animals




Lion population is decreasing. We build into lions territory which makes them fight other lions for a home.  brown lion and lioness on brown grass field during daytime

Only male lions have a mane. A lion can run up too 80.5 km an hour. A newborn cub lion has dark spots. A lions Scientific name is panthera Leo.




Koalas are herbivores. Koalas live in eucalyptus forests  eastern Australia.koala on tree branch during daytime

A koalas scientific name is Phascolarctos cinereus. Koalas are mammals.


Northern White rhinos 


There are 2 white rhinos alive. White rhinos are the second largest land mammals.rhinoceros near body of water

A white rhinos scientific name is Ceratotherium simum.The worlds last male white rhino died in Kenya. The two last white rhinos name are Najin and Fatu.


Red pandas


A red pandas scientific name is Ailurus fulgen.Red pandas eat bamboo like pandas. They also eat fruit,acorns,roots and eggs. Redbrown and white rodent standing on brown tree trunk at daytime pandas have reddish brown fur. Red pandas are mammals.




A tigers scientific name is panthera tigris.A tiger is the largest of the Asian big cats.brown and black tiger on focus photography

Tiger cubs live with their mother for 2 years. Tigers are the national animals of India. Wild tigers live in Asia.


Giant Pandas



Pandas eat bamboo. A panda’s scientific name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca.panda climbing on tree

A panda cub can weighs only about 150 grams at birth. Giant pandas black and white fur keeps them warm. Giant pandas are the national animal of China.


Sea turtles


A sea turtles scientific  name is Chelonioidea.Sea turtles are reptiles. Some are turtles are carnivores, some are herbivores and some are omnivores.brown sea turtle in water

Male sea turtles never leave the ocean.Sea turtles are sometimes called marine turtles.



North Atlantic Right whale


A right whales scientific name is Eubalaena glacialis.Rght whale can only stay underwater for 20 minutes.

Right whales are slow swimmers. An adult right whale can weigh 30 too 70 tonnes. Right whales live at least 70 years.







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  1. Hi Galaxy 72,

    I really really liked your blog post on endangered animals.
    I didn’t know that red pandas eat bamboo.

    From Raisa

  2. Hi galaxy72,
    I really like your blog post about endangered animals! Can you please say in the blog post what tonnes means?


  3. Hi Galaxy72,

    I love animals and learning about them too.
    This taught me a lot about them. Do you like animals?
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