June 2021


Catnip   Catnip has a strong smell. Catnip can help relax the body before you go to bed. Catnip is a perennial plant. Catnip flowers are white to pale pink. Catnip needs full sun but at least a little bit of shade.   Chamomile   Chamomile has a lot of uses. You can make tea… Read more Herbs


Dove   There are many types of doves.A dove’s scientific name is Columbidae.One type of dove is a mourning dove.The mourning dove weighs about 112-170g. Doves normally lay 2 eggs. Sometimes doves lay 1 or more eggs.   Raven   A raven’s scientific name is Corvus corax. A adult raven weighs about 0.69 – 2kg.… Read more Birds