There are many types of doves.A dove’s scientific name is Columbidae.One type of dove is a mourning dove.The mourning dove weighs about 112-170g.

two white doves flying

Doves normally lay 2 eggs. Sometimes doves lay 1 or more eggs.




A raven’s scientific name is Corvus corax. A adult raven weighs about 0.69 – bird flying over green tree during daytime

A raven lays about 3 – 7 eggs.A raven is an omnivore, but eats mostly meat. Young ravens leave their parents nest after about 5-6 weeks.


Blue Jay


A blue jays scientific name is Cyanocitta cristata.Blue jays share a bloodline with songbirds, but do not and white bird on tree branch

A female blue jay lays about 2-7 eggs. A blue jay weighs about 65-110g. Jays are also called jaybirds.



A herons main food is small fish. A heron’s scientific name is Ardeidae.A great blue heron lives 17 years.grey bird on water during daytime

Herons are carnivores. Herons lay about 2-6 eggs.




A bright red cardinal is the male cardinal and females are light brown,gray with some  red on their wings.

red cardinal bird on white wooden fence during daytime

Cardinals feed their young caterpillars to help them grow. And the parents themselves also snack on insects during the breeding season. Cardinal eggs are smooth and glossy. They are white to pale blue or greenish white in color , and speckled with brown, purple or gray flecks.


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