Trees are everywhere.You can climb trees and build treehouses.Trees give us clean oxygen.pine trees


In the fall most trees are red,yellow and orange.In the winter almost all the trees don’t have leafs.




Grass is everywhere.Grass can be different shades of green.Grass that died  is normally light brownishclose photo of green grass

Beige. Have you been too a field?Fields are full of grass.Grass is very common.




Flowers are beautiful.Different types of flowers come in different colors. Do assorted flowers in shallow focus lensyou have a garden? Most people grow flowers in their garden. 

Flowers can be big or small.


Mountains and hills


Hills are less steep than mountains.Mount Everest is the tallest mountain.

Hills are easier too climb.Cavanal hill is the tallest hill.Mount Wycheproofis the smallest mountain.


Rivers and lakes


Rivers are longer than lakes.Rivers and lakes are important.A lake is a body of water surrounded by land.body of water between trees under cloudy sky

Lakes are smaller than rivers.Lake tanganyika is the longest lake.Most lakes are freshwater lakes.


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