Nether update


The nether update adds basalt deltas,crimson forests,warped forests ,soul sand valleys and bastion remnants.Ruined portals were also added in the nether update.Ancient debris is a new ore added in 1.16(nether update). Ancient debris can be used to craft netherite tools.Hoglins,zoglins,piglins,piglin brute and striders are new mobs added in Minecraft netMinecraft nether  update




There are many structures in Minecraft.These are some structures in Minecraft:desert temples,jungle temples,ocean monuments and woodland mansions. Most structures contain loot.In loot chest that are found in naturally generated structures normally have seeds and gunpowder.There are structures in the end,nether and overworld.




There are a lot of biomes in Minecraft.Here are a few  Minecraft biome names:Deserts,oceans,plains and snowy taigas.Different things can be found in different biomes.In some biomes you can find villages,temples and other structures.The Mesa biome (badlands)underground,contains the most gold ore in all of minecraft.


Villagers,pillagers and illagers


Pillagers and illagers  fight villagers.Iron golems protect villagers.If a player kills a illager captain the player gets an effect called bad omen.If the player is in a village a has bad omen there will be a rade.There are waves in rades.In some waves witches,some ravagers and more hostile mobs.


The ocean


There are lots of things in the minecraft ocean.At the ocean there are coral reefs,fishes,dolphins,ocean monuments and much more!In an ocean monument there is a gold room.At the gold room there is a few gold blocks.Gold blocks are crafted with 9 gold ingots.Sometimes there’s a sponge room.The sponge room is full of wet sponges.Do not attack dolphins or they’ll attack you.


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